Building Owners and Managers

•  Extinguish decorative exterior lighting
•  If practical, ask cleaning crews to light and clean one floor at a time starting on the upper floors
•  Turn off all lights when leaving a floor
•  Extinguish or reduce atrium lighting
•  Use timers and motion sensing controls to reduce lighting needs
•  Encourage tenants to extinguish office lighting at the end of the day and to draw blinds


• Know how to use and control lighting in your area/on your floor
• Draw the blinds when you leave work
• Use task lighting when working late
• Turn off unnecessary lights
• Encourage your building manager to participate in Lights Out Indy to save energy, money, and birds!


• Volunteer to monitor your downtown building or block for downed birds during migration
• Become a bird rescue volunteer and transport injured birds to a licensed bird rehabilitator

Report dead and injured birds to Lights Out Indy

FIND an inured bird in downtown Indianapolis in April-May or August-October?  Call us at 721-FIND (3463).
• If you find an injured bird and we are unavailable or if you find an injured bird away from downtown Indianapolis, phone Liz Hatton at For the Birds of Indiana, 317-877-1187
• If you find a dead bird and want to provide details via e-mail, then provide the date, location, and the species name, if known, to us at   If you don’t know the species, take a photo and send it along. The information you share will be valuable to our ongoing research.