Dead birds found on 10 May 2009

Thank you to Whole Foods Market for donating 5% of the day’s sales at their Indianapolis and Carmel stores on Wednesday, April 3, 2013 to Lights Out Indy!   What a terrific opportunity and thanks to the many supporters who shopped at Whole Foods on April 3.  Whole Foods Market Indiana is on Facebook, so be sure to like their page.

Lights Out Indy is an initiative of Amos Butler Audubon.   Working with partners, such as the City of Indianapolis and building managers, the mission of the program is preventing bird deaths and saving energy by promoting bird-safe buildings and reducing nighttime lighting.

Participating buildings will:

  • Extinguish decorative architectural lighting between midnight and dawn
  • Dim or extinguish internal lighting between midnight and dawn

Benefits of participating:

  • Save migrating birds, which become disoriented by excessive lighting and are frequent victims of building collisions
  • Save money on energy costs

It’s simple and easy.  Businesses save money by reducing their energy usage and fewer birds will collide with buildings.  While the program is in effect during key bird migration periods – April 1 through May 31 and August 15 through November 15 – building managers are encouraged to participate year-round.

Statehouse bathed in heavy lighting Lights Out Indy volunteers have noted more than 1,200 dead and injured native, migratory birds in downtown Indianapolis just since fall 2009.  The highest incident rates occur near areas that are well lit.  This includes Monument Circle, the Indiana War Memorial Plaza Historic District, and the Indiana Statehouse (capitol).  As can be seen in the photo, the Statehouse is a majestic building.  But, each hour of each night, 365 days a year, more than than eighty 1,000-watt bulbs are used to bathe the building in light.  We believe this is unnecessary.  Reducing the amount of lighting will still allow for security and it will make the area safer for migratory birds and will save Hoosier taxpayers tens of thousands of dollar a year.  We  continue to encourage state officials to participate in Lights Out Indy.  Please, write or call your legislator and let them know you agree.

Funding for Lights Out Indy is made possible by Amos Butler Audubon Birdathon grants and an Urban Migratory Bird Treaty grant from the US Fish & Wildlife Service to the City of Indianapolis.

The IBJ (Indianapolis Business Journal) published an article about Lights Out Indy in September 2011.  Read it HERE.

Bird-Friendly Building Design

Bird-Friendly Building Design

The American Bird Conservancy and New York City Audubon have created a comprehensive Bird-Friendly Building Design document.  The booklet is recommended for anyone involved with green construction or who wants to work towards making the built-environment more bird friendly.   Click the image to download the PDF.